Adding new products to the e-commerce system and maintaining inventory.


Digital Media

Web Design

SEO Content


GetFPV was looking for someone to help accept inventory and add it to their Magento e-commerce system as it arrived. After being given a box of bulk new products, my responsibility was to record technical details, such as quantity of new stock, weight and size of individual products, and brand / manufacturer. Then, I took photos of the product at different angles in studio lighting and used Photoshop to make sure the background was seamlessly white to match the website's background. Finally, I uploaded the product to Magento, making sure the description used proper <h> tags and links to other websites for SEO purposes, as well as related products on the getFPV website.

On top of the e-commerce responsibilities, I would also help putting away and managing the physical inventory. I assigned SKUs to the new products and found space for them on the warehouse shelves.